Yoga Therapeutics Training with Ross Rayburn

Yoga Therapeutics Training

You are cordially invited to attend a fun and edifying three and a half days of yoga therapeutics with Ross.

Although the training will be structured as a “teacher training,” students interested in learning how to avoid injury in yoga and what to do when injuries occur are welcome to attend.

Each day will begin with an asana practice in the morning. The purpose of the practice is to get the body moving for the day and will incorporate ideas and elements of the afternoon training. Ross will also include parenthetical instructions during the asana class on how to integrate some therapeutics into your flow classes without diminishing the dynamic of a normal class.

Each afternoon will include:

  • Anatomy
  • Biomechanics
  • Therapeutic sequencing
  • Common Yoga injuries
  • What to do with severe injuries
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • How yoga philosophy can support yoga therapeutics
  • Meditation for yoga therapy
  • Pranayama for yoga therapy
  • Student client relationships
  • How spirituality and meditation are related to yoga therapy
  • How to help students/clients help themselves
  • Manual adjustments

The first day of the training will focus on lower body injuries (hips, low back, knees and ankles).

The second day of the training will focus on the upper body (neck, shoulders, upper back and arms).

The third and fourth days will address more complex situations and specific problems you would like addressed in order to help your students.

Students are asked to review an anatomy book before attending. Only general awareness of the major bones and muscles is required.

Course Curriculum

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